Holdings of Sound and Video Documents

The Phonogrammarchiv collects audio-recordings from all fields of research.

Present holding

At present the archive's holdings comprise ca. 73,000 items, representing a total playing time of ca. 13,000 hours (including ca. 1,500 hours of video recordings).

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The archive's collections result from

  • external research projects
    Recording projects conducted by institutes and individual researchers from various disciplines which have been supported technologically and methodologically by the Phonogrammarchiv; the resulting recordings are in return deposited in the archive.
  • projects of staff members
    Recording projects conducted by the archive's curators in selected fields which thematically as well as methodologically break new ground; the experience gained in these projects forms the basis for consulting in external projects.
  • acquired audio-collections,
    which originated without the archive's support.
  • parallel storage of historical recording series of partner archives
    Duplicates of re-recordings of other sound archives, produced in the Phonogrammarchiv's laboratory, or with our help.

Sound documents

  • Voice Portraits
    Speeches, remarks, recitations, etc. by renowned personages from politics, sciences, arts and humanities. Collecting such voice portraits was a focus of interest in the archive's earlier days. Since 1960 this task has been taken over by the Österreichische Mediathek.
  • Ethnomusicology
    Christiane Fennesz-Juhasz: Die Sondersammlung und andere "besondere" Bestände des Phonogrammarchivs. pdf-file.
    Helmut Kowar: Die musikethnologischen Bestände des Phonogrammarchivs. pdf-file.
  • Ethnolinguistics and Dialectology
    Schabus, Wilfried: Die Bestände des Phonogrammarchivs an Sprachaufnahmen. pdf-file.
  • Cultural Anthropoly and Folklore
    Live recordings from cultural life, of rites and traditions (e.g. initiation rites, rain making ceremonies, healings, obsequies, prayers, weddings, celebrations, etc.)
    Oral traditions (fairytales, legends, tales, myths, ...)
    Oral History
  • Musical Automata
    Kowar, Helmut: "Audiomedien" vor und neben Edison: Die Musik der automatischen Musikinstrumente. pdf-file
  • Zoology
  • Medicine and Natural Sciences
  • Environmental Sounds and Noises
  • Early Collections
  • Research foci since the 1950s


  • Ethnomusicology
    Since 1996 video documentations complementing sound recording projects of the archive's staff, e.g. "Music of the Jewish Community in Vienna", "Traditional Viennese Music" and "Music of the Religions in Vienna".
  • Musical Automata

Audio Clips