The Phonogrammarchiv -
The Austrian Audiovisual Research Archive

The Phonogrammarchiv, an institute of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, is the oldest sound archive in the world.
Since September 2001 the activities of the Phonogrammarchiv also include the archiving and preservation of videographic research documents.


Preserving, producing, collecting, accessioning and processing as well as making available research sound and video recordings, without disciplinary or regional restrictions.
The archival holdings substantially result from the support of Austrian institutions and scholars in the production of audiovisual sources and thus reflect Austrian research.

Research Sound and Video Recordings:

Acoustic and videographic sources produced for research purposes under controlled and documented conditions. Products of the record and movie/video industry do not fall within the scope of the Phonogrammarchiv. In Austria such commercial items are systematically collected by the Österreichische Mediathek [].

The archive's collection can be accessed for research purposes and in accordance with the legal agreements made with the particular deponents. Information sources:

  • published catalogues of recordings [recordings Ph 1-2000, B 1-13000]
  • electronic catalogue for browsing
  • database
  • handwritten/typed documentation of all recordings: recording data, description of contents, etc.


The reference library comprises ca. 4000 books, journals and offprints, retrievable via an electronic catalogue. Additionally, all articles from anthologies are referenced. The library can be accessed during the opening hours of the Phonogrammarchiv.
Additions and ongoing cataloguing

Technical Facilities:

  • four audio studios
  • two video studios
  • recording studio
  • re-recording laboratory
  • signal-processing workstation
  • listening-stations for users
  • maintenance site
  • duplication sites
  • field equipment