Mission Statement

The key tasks of the Phonogrammarchiv (PhA) are to produce, collect and catalogue research sound and video recordings from all disciplines and regions, to preserve them in the long term, and to make them permanently accessible. Ever since its foundation in 1899, the PhA has successfully carried out these tasks by particularly promoting methodological and technological developments for recording, replaying and storing audio-visual documents. The PhA has built up and increased its holdings by providing methodological and technical support to research projects, by fieldwork conducted by its staff, and by taking over collections assembled by Austrian scholars. In the course of its own projects, the PhA explores methodological aspects of recording and researching/documenting specific topics from linguistics and musicology as well as social and cultural anthropology. The process of archiving the collected audio-visual recordings takes into account the content-related indexing and annotation, which allows for further and varied analysis, while the publication of recordings benefits from research into their contextualisation. Research results and the recordings themselves are presented to the public in individual publications and the publication series of the PhA (e.g. the CD edition of The Complete Historical Collections 1899–1950) as well as through participating in exhibitions and media appearances.